Uga honors vs Oxford Emory

<p>I can't decide between the two. I got a full ride to oxford Emory, but I really don't have the feel for it. It has a small student body, and I feel as if my opportunities are restricted. I really want to go to Emory, but I just can't afford it. If I go to Oxford for 2 years, I can really look forward for the next two years at Emory. But I don't know if I want to waste two years of my life at Oxford, because I'm really not feeling it there. I got accepted to Uga honors, on the other hand, and I feel as though the opportunities there will be more abundant. It's not a full ride though. </p>

<p>I want to study biochemistry and hopefully go into medical school afterwards. I know Uga has a great medical program there but I'm still unfamiliar with that. May 1st is rapidly approaching and I still cant decide between the two. Are there any students currently at oxford Emory or Uga honors that could give me a little insight on which to lean towards? Thanks. Any help would be appreciated!</p>

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<p>Congrats on two great choices. I believe you would be happier at UGA and I would choose it. The honors program is top-notch. It is an awesome, fun school. It is a very different feel from Emory, with a great SEC sports scene.</p>

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