<p>Hey y'all right now I am currently enrolled in a community college I am a marketing/international business major and I am a sophomore with a GPA of 3.12 and I was wondering what is the better school for me to transfer to Georgia State University or University of Georgia. I feel like Ga state has an advantage because of its location and endless internship opportunities, although UGA is known for it's prestigious business school and it would be great to receive a diploma from there and it is more "homey" ( I live in a small town). I know they both have great business schools but I not sure what would be the best fit. </p>

<p>Someone help! </p>

<p>Are your sophomore transfer or junior or senior transfer? For UGA, sophomore transfers recommend a 3.2 GPA for admission consideration while junior or senior transfers are recommended to have a 2.8 GPA. For GSU, they want a 2.5 GPA for transfer.
I would honestly suggest UGA over GSU. Although being in Atlanta does have internship advantages, you are also competing with Georgia Tech Scheller Business College and Emory Goizueta Business College. Though GSU may boast the internship advantages, a lot more get shelled out to Tech and Emory.
UGA will also give you a more prestigious degree as their Terry College of Business is known across the country. </p>

<p>Last considerations, GSU doesn’t have a campus and you’re in the middle of Atlanta. UGA does have a campus which is especially welcoming if you’re from a small town. Also, most people (90%) commute to GSU so building relationships may be more difficult. </p>