UGA or Mercer?

<p>I am having a hard time deciding between UGA and Mercer. I got a full scholarship to Mercer and I am in their Honors Program. I want to do pre-med and major in biology, so which one would most likely be better for this track? I like the small class sizes of Mercer, but more of my AP credits may be taken at UGA. Any replies would be great!</p>

<p>Won't Mercer accept your AP credits? Did you talk to the registrar?</p>

<p>they accept them and it goes to my graduation credits but they still require you to take certain english and history classes even if you have an ap credit for history or english.</p>

<p>Do you mind updating us as to what you decided? My son is considering both UGA and Mercer and has received an invite to the scholarship weekend at Mercer. Also, do you mind posting your stats? we are just curious what the full tuition scholarship at Mercer requires as far as test scores, etc.</p>