I have applied to all of my schools months ago, and am currently just waiting to hear back from UGA. I chose the major of animal health, as I want to go pre-vet. I have been accepted into the University of Florida and FSU, among a few other schools, but UGA is my top choice and I fear I will not be accepted.

My HS GPA is around a 93/100 (4.0 I believe)
1810 on my SAT
1170 math and reading combined
27 on my ACT
I’m from a very small school that only offers 4 AP classes, all of which I have taken, as well as 3 out of our 4 classes that can be taken for college credit and I’m currently an intern at a veterinary clinic.
I’m involved and hold leadership positions in many clubs such as Student Council, Honor Society, SADD, and interact and I’m also my classes VP and a 4 year varsity basketball and soccer player (currently captain).

Thank you!

I think you’ll get in. A 93/100 is actually about an A- equivalent so around a 3.7 GPA. UGA will of course recalculate your GPA to their standards.
You test scores are a bit below their average middle 50%, but I think your ECs and internship will probably compensate. Also, you rigor is great for taking 4/4 AP classes offered.

I don’t think you’ll be rejected. They are releasing the February wave of admissions soon, so check your myStatus frequently! Even if you don’t get in February, there’s always the regular March wave of admissions. Good luck!

Sorry about the GPA mix up, my counselors weren’t sure of the conversion so they told me to use a website.

No worries. A 3.7 is still plenty good to get into UGA regular decision.