UGA Presidential Leadership Scholarship

Has anyone been awarded this scholarship for the Class of 2024 yet? My DS was awarded it about this time a few years back and hoping my daughter will be as well.

No, but do you mind me asking what type of activities your DS who received this scholarship accomplished? Also, is this scholarship awarded through admissions or through honors program? Thanks for any information

This one seems to be offered later in the process.

@itsgettingreal21 I also would think so because I thought the Presidential Leadership Scholarship is available to students from the RD round AND admissions also said they did NOT holistically read approximately 1/4 of the applications for EA admits with the highest academic stats. Thus, how would they know if those 1/4 had impressive extracurriculars without backtracking and reading their entire applications. I was really surprised to see @1TennisGal saying that it was awarded this early in previous years, since Regular Decision this year has a date list to get in supplemental information for the application until this Wednesday. With 10’s of thousands of applications to wade through, I’d think this would take some time to decide if they are making thoughtful decisions from all admitted students.

Varsity athlete in 3 sports. Team Captain. National Merit Commended. Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Officer in a number of organizations. Helped plan and organize a STEM camp for 70 middle schoolers etc. Lots of ECs. I really don’t remember if the scholarship came from Admissions or Honors College. He ended up at a different university. But, I did go back and look…he was awarded it Dec 21. Maybe they are awarding these scholarships later now.

@1TennisGal Thanks! I really hope it’s the case that it is just delayed this year. Mine got into UGA, but so far not very successful at auto admit for honors (looks like from another thread she missed by ten points on her SAT score), nor any of the other merit scholarships announced so far. My older child, who did not wind up going to UGA either, got honors and a scholarship upon EA admissions with about the same stats as my younger one - if anything my younger child has more impressive E.C.'s and is a National Merit Semifinalist. Hoping that things pan out for her after she submits the written honors application as UGA is her first choice if in the honors program, but if not she’s not so sure.