UGA Ranked #1 Party School in the Nation by Princeton Review

<p>We finally beat Florida in something; party on, young Bulldawgs (but use some common sense and if you see any football players while out, tell them to take a cab, for the sake of the team). </p>

<p>I'm fairly proud of this ranking and believe it to be much deserved.</p>

<p>GOOO DAWWGGGSSS!! It's the party that never ends!</p>

<p>Hilarious...the number of times I've been out is not in the double digits, and I'll be a senior next year. Record?</p>

<p>Should I in any way be bothered by this? I don't want any sort of stigma because of this status. I know it's the first time UGA has been on top.... Any alumni out there with opinions on this? Maybe it really doesn't matter, but there's something about being number 1 on this list that makes me uneasy.</p>

<p>Nah, I doubt it'll have much of an effect. It'll be a fun talking point though, and maybe people will learn to be more weary about what goes on facebook. UGA's always been known to be a party school. Now we have a title for it. Personally, I think it might've done some good for UGA. Maybe it'll wake up administrators and make them realize they need to do something to really pump up the academics here. Maybe they'll realize that academics is more important than sports. Maybe they'll realize that they should be putting money into classes that actually affect us rather than renovate ridiculous things or build buildings that are useless (as pretty as Tate II is, there is a LOT of wasted space in that building that was supposed to increase the number of meeting like 8). Just remember that those people who got us to the top of the party list are also on the bottom of the GPA totem pole.</p>

<p>Are you sure about the GPA thing? I think a lot of people tend to poke fun at state schools topping this list because the academics are perceived to be so much easier at such institutions that people could party that much and still make okay grades. Also, some would be as arrogant to claim that many students there have majors that are trivial/unimportant (as if there are much less people in such majors at private institutions. And when I say trivial, people here consider any non pre-professional as trivial or as having an easy major, when in reality, they would perform poorly in the same concentration for w/e reason) which explains why they can pull that off. Getting to the top of this list may be good to serve the purpose you speak of, but as another poster said, it may produce a stigma based on the perceptions that I just mentioned. </p>

<p>However, as for Tate and wasteful, what about Miller? Hasn't that dramatically increased the amount of teaching space, or is that primarily for informal meetings and group projects? When I visited, I liked UGA because of stuff like this (only saw them from outside cause buildings were closed when we got there). I wish we had more of it (then again, our dorms are basically turning into learning centers). Nearly everything here w/exception of the sufficient athletic facilities/dining halls (we could honestly use more dining options) and dorms, are almost purely academic (the new bookstore is an excellent hangout spot though). Perhaps I was misled by the size of the buildings. However, be honest, many people matriculate UGA due to the EC experiences it provides, not purely academics. This can work both for and against them. I suppose UGA could perhaps pump up the rigor of some courses from what I've seen (like I've seen orgo., bio, and gen. chem material there, and it is simply nowhere near as difficult), but just not to the point where you get like Tech with many students claiming to not even have time to enjoy the amenities offered.</p>

<p>I have no doubt that there are those select few who can party all the time and still maintain a decent GPA. However, most of the people I know who party a lot do not have good GPA's. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe TPR has a list that's on the lines of 'work hard, play hard.' </p>

<p>Miller is a great building...I never said anything bad about it. It's full of study rooms (though never seems enough come finals), computers, and classrooms. My problem with Tate II is that they chose aesthetics over function. I love how gorgeous the main room in Tate II is, but it is SUCH a wasted space. All the overhead, empty space could've been more rooms, which I thought was the point of the building.</p>

<p>How does the library at UGA work in the case of finals. Does it, like Miller for example, have plenty of study rooms equipped with at least some technology (and perhaps some with whiteboard, or overhead only). I imagine the library to be large enough to offset crowding issues in places like Miller. What about group study rooms in dorms. Are any of those Tech. equipped? I just don't see UGA spaces filling up that easy. It just seems so big.</p>

<p>Haha, finals is the time when everyone actually tries to study, so yes, we can get pretty crowded. However, I don't study in the libraries, so I don't know how crowded they get, but I'm pretty sure it gets pretty crowded. Miller (more commonly called MLC) study rooms come with whiteboards, which are pretty useful. I know Creswell at least has a study room (I imagine the other dorms have one as well). I only used it a few times, but I'm sure that can get crowded too. </p>

<p>The problem with trying to study at the MLC during finals is that normally everyone ignores the "must have 2 people in a room" rule. However, during finals, if you're in a room by yourself, you can get kicked out by another group. So word of warning to anyone...if you want to study in the MLC during finals, make sure you have a study partner! MLC goes 24 hours during finals, so if you want to live in the MLC for a while, you can. I've done it before! haha definitely an experience. A couple friends of mine got a really big study room and started taking shifts so we wouldn't lose the room. I think I stayed there for a week and a half (I went back to my place to shower and stuff, but I mostly stayed there). It was an awesome way to help with the stress! I'm totally going off on a tangent...</p>

<p>haha Jen. That's actually the stuff we folks over here hate since Cox closes (which almost all smartboards and plasmas. Go look it up on google to see what I'm saying. I have no idea why it isn't 24/7 during finals). There are only 7 technology (like a plasma that is hooked to a pc, but can be hooked to yours) equipped study rooms and maybe like 4 classrooms with overhead projectors that students are allowed in within the stacks of the library , and maybe like 2 areas with a smartboard in the infocommons (the other say 6 studyrooms only have a whiteboard). So if people rotate like you do, and someone is in say, bio 142, which normally requires powerpoints to study/teach/review, then they never get the room. However, what you did is actually moderate compared to what some people do. Some people just leave all of there stuff in the tech. equipped room overnight and write on the glass doors (yeah, apparently the glass can be erased) "our room b**ch". And sometimes there is a single person occupying a room b/c it's first come first serve during finals (all rooms unlocked) It gets so bad that they often arrange for other academic buildings to be open much later because you always have nearly complete access to any classrooms when available as normally only a few are locked. And the freshmen (in new dorms) get trippy if you try to come in and use their millions of studyrooms, some which are Tech. equipped. Even if they have no intention to use them, they call an RA or SA for example. So I guess we also have to deal with the snob factor. I hate finals or almost any exam period here. It gets ridiculous. I'm probably going to try and stay in my dorm this year.</p>

<p>I disagree with the idea that the top GPAers weren't responsible for most of the partying. One of the things I enjoyed most about UGA was that everyone could party- and many top students did. Learning how to deal with people around alcohol and just enjoying one's self in the fluid circumstances of a night downtown were probably some of the more useful experiences that I had in college. Athens is just such a great place for those kinds of gatherings that I'm not surprised people of all types partook- there was a bar, a party, a social group for everyone. </p>

<p>I also agree with the high ranking on use of hard liquor- I bought 4 handles for a party and they were all gone in an hour. Even 52-cup beer pong takes a bit longer than that.</p>