UGA RD Chance me

In-state female
UGA GPA- around a 3.87(not including fall grades), SAT 1230 (I know it’s low and I’m still contemplating on retaking it), full time dual enrollment student (2nd year 36hrs by graduation), a few AP classes.
NHS VP, TSA Secretary, Girls Varsity Soccer, volunteer at youth STEAM summer camp, senior advisory board, more community service and student council. Also I passed the NOCTI Engineering test( idk if that means something)
Major- intended computer science. Thank you

Definitely retake the standardized test. Also put full force ahead to get a 4.0 this fall. Both your grades and test scores are below the bottom 25th percentile of admitted students. Right now UGA is a high reach. Be sure you are applying to several matches and a couple of safeties where you would love to go to school

My best advice is to get high grades this fall and retake the SAT. It will still be a reach. If you don’t get in, don’t worry. You could always transfer, and the transfer acceptance rate is 75%. I wouldn’t expect admission during freshman year.

Thanks but I actually got in! Go Dawgs!