UGA Scholars Admissions Process for UGA Law School

Hello. I am a current junior at UGA. I’m a Criminal Justice and Sociology double major HEAVILY considering UGA law school. UGA possesses a program that allows people who are currently seeking an undergrad at UGA or have already obtained their undergrad at UGA to get into their law school without the previously required LSAT score. For the JD program, an SAT or ACT score in the 85th percentile or above is required and for a dual degree the GRE or GMAT is required.

I was wondering whether anyone who actually is a UGA Scholar going through this program or someone who may have completed it has any insight on the admissions process or how well they succeeded without taking the LSAT. Do you have to have an SAT that is extremely high in order to get in? Is GPA equally or more important? And are a lot of people accepted into or denied from this program through this specific and unique admissions process?