UGA vs Emory [biomedicine, public health]

I’ve been accepted to both UGA and Emory and am torn :(.

It comes down to two mainly two things: money and grad school.
For context, I’m a GA resident and I want to purse biomedicine/public health. When I was applying last fall, I wasn’t planning to go to grad school. However, now I realize I’ll probably want to pursue a masters as a lot of jobs in this field are looking for it… which puts me at a crossroads:

With my financial package, going to Emory won’t put my family in debt, but it will use all my current college savings on undergrad alone- so I wouldn’t have much if any left for grad school.
UGA is much more affordable and with scholarships, zell, etc I won’t be paying much to go- meaning I’ll have the extra funds in case I want to go to grad school

The thing is, Emory is my dream school and fits my diversity and environment preferences MUCH more than UGA. So I guess my fear is having to give up my dream school for a possibility of going to grad school (which I’m not even certain on)

If anyone has any advice or words of wisdom, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Go to Emory. You can figure out grad school later if you decide it’s necessary. In public health you can go after working a few years and saving up and schools do offer some scholarships to offset the cost.

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Agree, go to Emory.

I disagree. Public health will require a masters. Your master degree matters more ablnd UGA is a great name anyway.

If you got into Honors…bonus.

Part of the reward In GA for being super smart is saving your family boat loads of money. Ga and FL really take care of their kids.

When you start earning and it’s less per year than school costs in one year, you’ll be glad you did.

At UGA you’ll be surrounded by really smart kids…like yourself.

Good luck.


Another thing to consider is doing your undergrad at Emory then working for a hospital that has tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits. Everyone I know in public health or nursing got their masters this way.

Thanks for all the tips! I’ve been seeing a lot of things about having your job/ a college pay for you to go to grad school… is that likely?

Possible. Not necessarily likely and many have limits…like my company $6k a year.

A lot is Jon market dependent. Now no one can find employees so there are sweeteners. But when the job market isn’t strong that’s a benefit that can be cut.

I would not count on it. If it happens and it’s not uncommon (partial ad I described not full), you were fortunate. I’ll just say that.

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