ugis 192: doing URAP for credit?

<p>it says on the website that you have to enroll in 1 unit of ugis 192 in order have your research experience annotated to your transcript <-- is that a desirable thing? is there any extra work that comes with taking ugis 192?</p>

<p>No extra work, may be useful if you need to meet the 6 upper div units outside of your major.</p>

<p>is everyone required to take 6 upper div units outside of their major?</p>

<p>The extra work involved in getting units for URAP is writing a short online report. At the end of the semester, you'll be sent a link to an online form. You answer some questions and write about what you learned. It's not that big of a deal.</p>

<p>Some PI's require written reports, but that depends on whom you're working with.</p>

<p>No, even if you're not enrolled in units, you still have to write that report.</p>

<p>"All apprentices are required to complete a web report assessing their experience as an apprentice, regardless of their enrollment status in UGIS 192." (URAP</a>)</p>

<p>Oh nevermind then, my bad.</p>

<p>Resurrection! </p>

<p>Does is just go into the upper div credit count, or can it be used for breadth of some sort as well?</p>


Just upper div. URAP cannot be used for any of the breadth requirements.</p>

<p>Thank You :)</p>