Ugrad-Cornell Hotel vs Babson

<p>This is a for a friend- I told him to apply to NYU like me... He just doens't listen.
Which is better for being recruited.</p>

<p>Cornell Hotel</p>

<p>I know that Cornell has the ivy prestige, but if you think about it hotel kids have to compete with AEM, ILR, and Arts and Sciences,Econ Major, not to mention the other hotel kids. and I know that companies don't want that many people from each school. Also Hotel is not direct business.</p>


<p>Not as well know, but good business program, and competion between a small class for jobs.</p>

<p>What do you say?</p>

<p>unless your friend wants to go into the hotel business, i'd say go to Babson.</p>

<p>But look at number four on this</p>

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<p>yeah, but that's really just a concentration. the hotel school is a great business program in that it gives you a unique business education relevant to a specific field that you can work in if you choose to (and you'll get great placement if you do) or if you choose not to you'll have to prove that you have had the education to work elsewhere. I got into the hotel school and have now decided to go to Duke and follow the liberal arts path. The main reason behind my decision was that I kind of still wanted to be "free". A lot of ppl at the hotel school have a set idea (take over a family restaurant business, open a hotel in some location, ....) and I had no set idea...hell, I didn't even know if I wanted to really go into business that much. I thought a business education would be sweet and get me a steady job at the end of college but I then realized that I can go to Duke, study whatever I want and then end up at a decent/good job where I can move on from there. My educational record will then always show that liberal arts record that will make me ready for any kind of position.
The hotel school is great, and yea the concentrations make it more appealing and hide the hospitality side of it a little, but in the end, being an econ major at Duke may be slightly better than a Hotel Admin major with a concentration in finance from Cornell. Babson and Cornell Hotel are sort of similar in a way b/c they are both awesome for entrepreneurs, so your friend could definitely go for that. Both schools will be fine for being recruited but the Cornell name will probably play in your friend's favor if going international.</p>

<p>But when applying to jobs here, which one gives him the advantage, I mean Cornell has the name but you also do have the competition from the AEM, ILR, Arts and Sciences (econ majors), and the other hotel kids, not to mention other random kids that want to go into business. I mean but then Cornell is Cornell. Babson is a decent school but i don't know if it can compete with Cornell for recruiting.</p>

<p>anyone more?</p>


<p>babson students get recruited but definately not at the same extent as Wharton, NYU, etc. I am not sure about Cornell though.</p>

<p>No Cornell is an Ivy. There are a far greater amount of recruiters at Cornell then Babson. Maybe not numbers wise but if you look at it this way more Cornell graduates end up working for top companies then babson grads do in the same given year generally.</p>

<p>Yeah but my question is not for Cornell AEM kids or even Arts and sciences ( econ majors) I am asking about the hotel kids.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>trust me Cornell kids will have more opportunities for recruiters. Regardless of the school whether it be AEM or Hotel or Arts & Sciences. Remember it is an ivy.</p>

<p>Yeah but getting into hotel is nowhere near as competitve as cornell in general. Average SAT score was a 1340 for this year.</p>

<p>still if you compare that to Babson there is nothing to compare. Cornell is that much better regardless of the school or program. Cornell's other averages in the other schools are very high (probably higher then a 1340) and even then a 1340 is probably a good 100 points higher then Babson's average SAT.</p>

<p>Also don't forget you get the Ivy name that just attracts people because of it. </p>

<p>You really are comparing two schools that are in completely different leagues of selectivity and academics as well.</p>

<p>Babson isn't mentioned anywhere near the league of IVy's, Top 25's or even some top 50's. It is good but you are comparing apples to oranges.</p>


I think that's mainly because the hotel school has a rather different set of criteria for admission. I know a handful of people who were turned down despite near perfect SAT scores... perhaps the adcom smelt "safety school" in their app. (yes... Cornell Hotel for safety O_o) Incidentally, the hotel school has one of the lowest acceptance rates of the 7 colleges. At the end of the day, I guess you can't always determine competitiveness by SAT scores.</p>