...uh, how DO i bring diversity?

<p>I need to write an essay:</p>

Write about what what you as an individual would bring to Carnegie Mellon Summer Programs for Diversity to build a widely diverse community.


<p>uh...i'm just a regular asian girl who plays piano and tennis and loves math and science. </p>

<p>i guess i don't really bring diversity. =O</p>

<p>What makes you different from other people?</p>

<p>lmao, nothing. i'm pretty boring :(</p>

<p>Write about how you as a unique individual can contribute to Carnegie's Summer Program. </p>

<p>Focus on how you are not just an average joe.</p>

<p>" Looking at my transcripts and activities r</p>

<p>What do you love?</p>

<p>math and science. but that's SO asian !</p>

<p>Your love of, and excellence at, math, science, and theoretical physics may be "asian" but it is far from being shared by all students. Also, being female in these fields promotes diversity, see for example:</p>

<p>Diversity</a> in physics - Physics Today June 2006</p>

<p>There are scores, hundreds of websites on the topic of the underrepresentation of women in science, here is a small part of them: </p>

<p>Websites</a> For Diversity Enhancement in Science</p>

<p>Find something quirky about yourself to share: Diversity isn't just race or culture-it can be your love of science fiction, your ability to distinguish between all the varieties of pasta, your killer parchesi game, your Pied Piper-like rapport with small kids...anything that makes your friends say...'thats so Narcissa...'</p>

<p>I love to paint, draw, dance, bake, design, and sew. I'm so diverse...........................</p>