Uh oh, chances?

I completed my application about 2 weeks ago, and gave it to my guidance office so they can send it out with the recs and my transcript. However, today I found out they still haven't sent the application out due to some communication issues...do I still have a chance of getting in?
My SAT score is a 1370, and I have a 3.8GPA according to the UMich system. I've taken 8 AP courses over my HS career and 7 honors courses. My ECs are good and so are my essays.</p>

<p>BTW, my school doesnt do class ranks...</p>

<p>You certainly have a decent chance. Your grades and SAT are very good and your course selection is challenging. But it is getting late, so your chances aren't as good as they could be had you applied a month ago.</p>