uh oh im in deeeep trouble

<p>agh i just found out that i prob have a c+ this marking period in ap calc....yes i know its horrible and why didnt i study harder and whats wrong with me it looks absolutely terrible on a report card...but, if im applying ed, does jhu ask for/see ur first marking period grades, and if they do, how much does one really stinky grade matter if i have a's in all my other difficult classes like ap econ, ap psych, ap lang, and honors chem?? and if i get deffered, if they see my midyear report, do they see individual grades, or an average of the entire semester? im freaking out here, please help!!!</p>

<p>Hmm...I have a similar yet completely opposite situation! hahaha (I am posting here so that whoever responds to hers could also put a lil input to my queries at the same time!)</p>

<p>My grades aren't very hottt....(definitely not straight As)...and I'm not counting on my 3.9 w / 3.2 unw gpas to get me in at all [[i'm jus hoping the grades won't actually rule me out of the competition!]] However, this quarter I have done fairly well, a COMPLETELY huge improvement from last year.....If I send a copy of this report to JHU (i'm applying ED) would they look favorably upon its submission? (it would not be part of an official transcript but I could request for my counselor to send it in to them maybe with her signature or such). Would it be beneficial to send it?</p>


<p>One grade won't matter too much, nanaijuh, as long as the others are good. If you are deferred, however; the admissions department will see each individual grade, not simply an average of the semester. Don't freak out over it, you still have some time to bring your grade up for the semester grade to be higher, and that's the only one that matters. Good luck!!</p>

<p>and xtina06, being able to see improvement as time goes on is something an admissions department does like. They may want to wait to see how the semester finishes up, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to send that report in anyway, even if it is unofficial. They may not consider it, but it never hurts to try.</p>

<p>A few notes on how senior year grades are reviewed...</p>

<p>First, they are important for obvious reasons. They are the most recent academic work for the adcoms to see and the best predictors of what kind of student you will be. Junior year is the most important, but senior year performance and curriculum is a close second in importance.</p>

<p>Next, 1st quarter grades will be reviewed for ED applicants whereas mid-year grades will be reviewed for RD and deferred applicants. If not included with the application, the Admissions Office will contact the high school to get a record of senior year courses and grades, so you should request your school send your senior year grades when they become available.</p>

<p>Specifically for nanaijuh, don't stress out too much as you can't go back in time...just work on improving that grade. As I said senior year is reviewed but I echo what cytosis says that one grade will not make or break your application. Cytosis is also correct that is deferred each quarter grade will be seen in the mid-year report, so you want to have an improving trend. </p>

<p>And for xtina, one of things adcoms look for in review of transcripts is trends. Clearly they prefer to see improving trends throughout high school over declining trends. Since your senior year is going so well, you want to make sure those grades are sent by your school and included with your transcript.</p>

<p>Hope this helps.</p>

<p>what if my grades have declined. will it impact my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>Not to sound cold, but obviously a decline in performance will have an impact on the review of your application.</p>

<p>thanks for your response laxfan04! =) I hope senior year elevation can somewhat redeem my junior year plunge...heh</p>

<p>wait....i have a question: what if your high school is on the semester system? our quarter grades are not on our transcipt, and they count for nothing in our GPA..they are merely for us to see how we are doing. </p>

<p>in this case, will the most recent grades that hopkins look at be junior year 2nd semester grades?</p>

<p>if you apply ed, and the adcoms feel as if they need to see senior year performance, they will contact your guidance counselor to get 1st quarter grades. in come ed cases, if senior year grades are not available and they are important to the decision, the applicant will be deferred.</p>

<p>for rd applicants, mid-year senior grades are required for review. </p>

<p>hope that explains it.</p>

<p>wow cytosis and laxfan, u guys are great helps. thanx a bunch. hopefully my semester grade will be substantially higher than my crappy marking period grade.</p>

<p>wow. okay, so if adcoms MIGHT or MIGHT NOT want to see quarter grades, depending on the rest of your transcript? </p>

<p>noo...i hope they don't ask for quarter grades. here's how my grades work: 1st quarter = marching band = hours and hours taken up....thus, mostly Bs or B+s.....2nd quarter = raise those Bs to As and..voila, at the semester = good gpa!</p>

<p>yep i know exactly how u feel. those football games really aren't beneficial to ANYONE.</p>

<p>Alright, so Quarter Grades are finally in...</p>

<p>Mine were decent.....except for my AP Chem grade, which is a C. Sadly, chances are, this grade will prly not increase dramatically by end of semester, and I will prly take the AP and get a 4/5 and take the IB and get a 6-8. </p>

<p>Reason? The Teacher. This teacher is the same teacher with which i got C's both semester in IB Physics. These two courses are the only C's I've ever had in a Science course. The teacher's teaching methods are difficult to adapt to and his mumbling really limits knowledge obtained from lectures. So pretty much its self-studying, HARD graded hw/labs, and suuuuper long tests so that even if you know the material, you will run out of time and fail anyways. Who do well in this class? Super geniuses, ppl who've taken a college chem course before, OR people he likes (yes he is very favorable to certain people - especially if they are on Science Olympiad as he is the head coach and wishes to keep his title as National Champions for...5th year now?) </p>

<p>Now, I wish to somehow voice this correlation between my Physics and Chem grades, yet I don't want to give Adcoms any impression that I would fail a Hopkins course if the professor didn't cater his students (cuz of course I wouldn't! And I know that not all professors are the "best professors" at hopkins....so i've heard..) So how would I be able to bring up this issue without making it reflect poorly upon me? Should I just not address it at all?</p>


<p>xtina. After some long thought, here was the best idea I could come up with. I know you don't have a lot of time before your application must be in, so this would need to be done as quickly as possible. I would talk with your guidance counselor about your teacher and have he/she write a letter to adcoms or write in the additional comments part of your application what has transpired in your classes, but I have not worked with adcoms before, so this may or may not be the best approach. This is, however; what I would do in your situation.</p>


<p>xtina- your school is on the semester system, right?</p>

<p>prpltrmpt, yeah it is</p>

<p>now i'm superrrr worried that jhu will request my quarter grades, and they're going to be bad, because my quarter grades are always...errr....very differnet from my semester grades. =( uh ohhhhhhhh</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry too much if i were you....if ur fresh-junior grades tell them waht they need to know, you should be fine. As for me, i don't WANt my junior grades to tell them stuff cuz it would be bad -__- so hopefully my qrtr grades balance that out a lil</p>

<p>hmmmm. hoping for the best!
random fact: did u know that they filmed nip/tuck at our school ? twice already...some people were complaining because they said that that was an OC-based series? (i have no idea)</p>

<p>I HOPE WE BOTH GET IN!!!!</p>