Uh oh... no midyear report

<p>I got defered EA, and after looking at my school's naviance site it says that my midyear report was never mailed (it doesn't say "sent" under Michigan). I have not heard anything since I was defered-could this be the reason I haven't (doesn't look like I have interest)? I'm hating this wait!</p>

<p>We didn't send one either, but UMich is not on my d's radar anymore...she was told by her GC that they don't really look at additional materials, but who knows? A couple of people who were already admitted after being deferred did send in letters and midyears though.....</p>

<p>My d actually knows someone who applied AFTER the EA date and was admitted last week with much lower stats than those who were deferred......and the beat goes on!!!!</p>