Uh-oh: Rec letters and achievements...

<p>So on that thread about lying on college apps, someone mentioned that colleges will get suspicious if your Letters of Recommendation don't mention your major achievements. </p>

<p>The things I do and/or awards I get aren't really things I talk about. Unless a teacher is directly affiliated with a club, they wouldn't really have much of anything to talk about regarding them. I gave my teachers a list of these things, but I really, really doubt that they would just arbitrarily mention them since they know little about them.</p>

<p>So my question is, will colleges think this is suspicious? And if they do, will they go to the trouble to call the school and check to see that I really have done the things I've written on my applications, or will they just assume that I'm lying?</p>


<p>no quit worrying about it so much. besides theres nothing you can do about it now anyway</p>

<p>Dumbass. Do you really think that every recommendation letter is written by a teacher who advises/coaches/knows his student's extracurricular activities?</p>

<p>The recommendation letter shows who you are from the perspective of the teacher--from the classroom. sure, if they know you outside the classroom, then that's more information. but you are not penalized if your physics teacher doesn't know about your Mock Trial work. mine doesn't. he knows me inside the physics classroom, and that's what he wrote about.</p>

<p>Think about it.</p>

<p>^That's kind of what I assumed, but since it has been brought up more than once, it was definitely making me nervous.</p>

<p>stand by your application.</p>