Uh oh.. Senioritis?

<p>So I have been accepted into UW. I have a 3.980 GPA. I took 5 AP classes. Last year I took AP Chemistry and AP Language with A's both semester. This year I am taking AP Calculus, AP Literature and AP Physics with a 4.0 first semester but now my grades have slipped a little bit in the second semester. I have a middle C right now in AP Literature (and dropping) and a middle/high B in AP Calculus (and rising), the rest are A's. How much lower can I split until I am in danger of getting my acceptance revoked? Thanks.</p>

<p>You're fine you're fine. When the majority starts to become C's is when you should worry.</p>

<p>Spend some extra time on AP Lit. You don't want to 'accidentally' get a D or even an F after the final (I'm assuming your high school does finals?) C's are pretty iffy, but I think you're still okay</p>

<p>I'm sure you are fine! You just have to try to push up your grades. But you're still in the safety zone I'm pretty sure.</p>

<p>Even I am experiencing senioritis... I failed my running start pre calc class with a D. :( so I have to retake the course. But for college, if I take it the 2nd quarter and get a better grade..than my previous grade will be replaced with the better one :) so I'm hoping I do good spring quarter so UW doesn't see my D!</p>

<p>I can definitely relate to slipping grades! I think a C or two is definitely ok, especially if you've already exceeded the requirements for getting into UW. I know most everybody is probably anxious to get that high school diploma, toss the cap, and run haha But you're not the only one with senioritis! :P</p>