UH Pharmacy School

Hello, I don’t know if I am posting this in the correct thread, I just wanted to ask some questions, preferably to actual UH students/alumni who know anything about the Pharmacy School.

I am an undergrad currently attending St. Edward’s University, I am going for the pre-pharmacy program here, or at least what I can make of it, they do not have a formal one so I taking required courses that meet requirements for pharmacy school at most institutions. I won’t be able to finish my pre-pharm requirements until I graduate from here since I started late (I just decided but it is the end of my freshman year, it will take me 3 years to complete the pre-pharm course work and by then I will just be given the Bachelors degree).

I was wondering if the UH pharmacy program accepted graduates from college, or is it strictly transfers, etc. I know other institutions accept degree-holders; would it be possible to transfer to UH still, should I try at the end of my sophomore year? UH pharm school is my number one choice atm since I am originally from Houston so I would like to go there or either UT pharm program.