UHart engineering

Hey, im a prospective mechanical engineering student for Uhart. Is the program here good? Hartford’s ranking isnt the best, should that cause concern?

@blink182182‌ I am looking at Hartford’s mechanical engineering as well. From surfing through the forums an such this what I gathered:

They are in a new facility, I believe the most up to date facility on campus, that looks really nice.

The faculty/student ratio is pretty low, which depending who you are, is a good or bad thing (personally, I love that).

I don’t think the school’s program is going to put you automatically in a high profile 6 digit salary by just going there. Academically it is recognizable enough that it isn’t going to inhibit you either. The kinds of jobs you can get will probably depend on if you are interning somewhere during the summers, take on a leadership role at your school, and if you maintain a higher GPA.

Engineering, wherever you go, is very dependent upon what you choose to do and how much you dedicate yourself to preparing for the career.

Magnet schools like UConn probably get more attention from corporations and your ability to get a job is very directly correlated to how well you can survive vs other students in your class plus what internships you can get over other students in your class. Here you can go through the motions and still end up with a decent (but not 6 digit job). The academics are a lot more cut throat though.

I’d imagine at Hartford, it is less about competing with the other students (because there aren’t going to be 1000s of students in Hartford’s engineering) and more about expanding your potential and demonstrating what you can bring to the program and what you can get out of it. If you just go through the motions here, you can probably end up with a decent engineering job in Connecticut. If you go above the call, you can probably get just as good of job as anyone else pending your ability to get internships.

You also have to understand, Hartford is typically lower rated overall because of their two year program that is counted as a part of the school. It really has nothing to do with the engineering department but it doesn’t help the school’s overall ranking. It probably makes Hartford a lot of money that they put to other programs and thats why they don’t get rid of it.

I have never been to Hartford or been able to make contact with anyone that has attended recently, but that is my two cents so far. I haven’t written off the school, but I got in at Drexel which was one of my top choices for their Co-Op program so I am leaning towards there at the moment.

Uhart as far as I know is expensive even with scholarships.
I’m going there for fall semester then transferring elsewhere. For pre med not engineering but the school is known for arts and engineering so You should be good