Uhhhhhh...major Emergency Finaid Question

<p>2003 father/mother tax returns - Did they ask for a copy of it?? Or simply to fill out the numbers onto the Finaid application?</p>

<p>Instructions for Early Decision Applicants:</p>

<li>Columbia Financial Aid Application: Complete the Columbia Application for Need-Based Financial Aid and return it postmarked by November 1,2004. INCLUDE COPIES OF PARENT AND STUDENT 2003 TAX RETURNS ( INCLUDE ALL SCHEDULES AND W-2S) WITH THIS FORM.</li>

<p>I mailed them in the mail, even though i sent my application online.</p>

pays to read directions.
Thank you so much.</p>

<p>same here freakish... when did you mail them out?</p>

<p>Is it okay that i just mailed my mother's W-2's and 1040? I have no idea what counts as federal tax returns and nor does she it seems.
Please tell me where I could get her Federal Tax Returns from.</p>

<p>I think those are what they mean. Also, what do they mean when they say send schedules?</p>

<p>I dont know... I told my parents and they sent out my financial aid stuff ( the forms) along with the business forms ( due the 12th) and my teacher recs out on Thursday. She got it certified receipt in case it gets lost in the mail, there will be proof they sent it out on thursday.</p>