uhm for some reason.....

<p>my computer won't let me go into the wisconsin website...... i wanted to check if the apps are out yet... is it out right now? i would like to apply as early as possible so i was wondering when would be a reasonable time to send in my application. </p>

<p>and just to make sure... wisconsin doesn't do common app right?
thanks alot guys</p>

<p>not the common application... I think last year the earliest you could apply was September 15. There's just a personal statement, no essay--- so you don't have to "prepare" much for the application.</p>


<p>is the app out right now? and can you do them online or do i have to do it by hand or w/e. thanks :)</p>

<p>oh and its good that it doesn't have an essay. w000t</p>

<p>You can apply online. No essay, no rec letter, no mid-year report.</p>

<p>...but I think you should get a teacher rec letter (it's optional). I think I remembered reading on this board that many people who did not get rec letters had their admission decisions deferred. I sent a rec letter and found out within like 10 days. I think I sent my application in early October.</p>