uhoh..standby testing?

<p>I'm applying E.D. to Brown and I indicated that I would be taking a SAT II on the November testing date (Brown requires SAT IIs).
However, due to the fact that I've barely ever been home these past few weeks, I've neglected to register for the test and found out the late deadline was a few days ago. Now I see that my last option is standby testing.</p>

<p>There is no way I cannot take this test, and the lack of a guarentee that comes with the standby option is killing me. Has anyone had luck with standby testing? Has anyone ever been rejected from a site? If yes, what did you do after? Did you speed over to another site and try your luck there?</p>

<p>Ahh, please help me out before I friggin stab myself >.<</p>

<p>I don't think anybody gets rejected from standby testing. Some of my friends have done it, and they didn't get rejected.</p>

<p>Does it make a difference how popular a testing site is?
There are two that I have been usually going to, one being extremely crowded while the other seems average. Which one would be best? Does it even matter?</p>

<p>standby testing is the first that come get the first numbers, and then they cut it off. came at 7:55 and got number 13 and did not get in the first time, but then i did another standby and came at 7:35 and got number 2 and was admitted. so get their at 7:30 and you will be good.</p>

<p>Oh so it's better to come the earlier the better? Hell, I'll come at 6:30 if necessary.
I was under the impression that they don't start to deal with you untill after all the registered people are seated, but I guess not</p>

<p>So tell me, who in fact deals with standbys, collects the papers, and gives the numbers?
Whenever I took a test, all I remember is seeing huge crowds of people that are waiting to go into the rooms. Is there a person seated somewhere or somethin to help you?</p>

<p>Last yr when son was considering a standby, I called the CB. They said to call the school where you planned to be a standby, they often have an idea of how much room is available. This would be helpful if you have several sites to chose from.</p>