UIC GPPA Class of 2025

I noticed there weren’t any forums yet, or as far as I could find, for this years GPPA applicants, so I decided to make a thread. Just wanted to make a space for those who made it to the interview process of GPPA to talk. I interviewed for the Medical Scholars Program so y’all know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey same, have you heard anything yet?

No not since the interview, but I’m glad I know someone else in the running now :grin: Last year decisions came out February 24 so maybe soon we’ll hear something :crossed_fingers:

Ahhhhh no Im so nervous now. Also I missed the closing zoom what was discussed during that?

They canceled it actually, it wasn’t super clear that it was canceled, but in the email where they gave the new zoom meet for the introduction they said they were just doing one meet, that’s why there were two current students there, I don’t think that was their initial plan for the introduction.

Ohhhh okay that’s great. I thought I missed out . So there was only that one intro zoom before the interview, then the interview?

Also, when was your interview? How’d you feel about it? :skull:

Yeah I think it was just the one, cause the original zoom was deactivated and they never sent a new one. The email rhetoric was a bit confusing but the impression I got was it was just gonna be the one zoom.
I had my interview with Dr.Chambers which was scary to be frank :sweat_smile: He was really nice though, don’t know if everyone had him or not. He actually said that I had some of the best letters of recommendation he has ever seen :no_mouth:. But I felt like I kept stumbling over my words and he asked me a lot about why I made the fact that I have ADHD so clear in my application and like I know why personally but when he asked I floundered :woman_facepalming: Idk to be frank, I didn’t even expect and interview cause I feel really under qualified.

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Very confusing.

Yeah I heard that most people either get interviewed by him or his wife.

For me, the interview was an experience to say the least :skull:. The questions he asked me were kinda unexpected. I don’t know I felt really intimidated and almost like he didn’t like me at all. But don’t feel under qualified, I mean I felt the same too, until I realized dang we’re pretty far into the process already. I hadn’t really realized that before.

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Yeah I couldn’t tell if he liked me or thought I was an idiot :sweat_smile: he did compliment my vocabulary though so I suppose that ain’t half bad. I’m just happy I even got an interview but a rejection will still be pretty tough :confused:

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Yes very tough.
I’m really hoping to get this opportunity.
My mom always says “ what’s meant to be will hit you in the head even if you jump out of the way, and what isn’t meant for you will miss you even if you stand right in front of it” and although super like ugh :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: it’s pretty true. I really hope this is meant to be for both of us :skull::skull::skull:

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So I’ll speak that into existence for us.

Also tho, out of curiosity, where are you from?

I live pretty much as far north in Illinois as you can get :sweat_smile: I’m in Lake county about an hour out of Chicago supposing it’s the apocalypse and there is no traffic.

Oh wow. :sob::sob: I live right outside it like 10-15 minutes.

Well that’s got it’s ups and downs.

At least you can commute then, cheaper I suppose.

What other schools did you apply to @Pinkishpurple333? I originally replied to myself not you :sweat_smile: so not sure if you saw my initial question

That is true, don’t know if id like that tho haha. Also I applied to way too many. Like with ranges everywhere. Mostly to 100% need meet promises.

Yeah I applied to 10
-Brown University
-Baylor University
-UNC Chapel Hill
-Boston University
-IU Bloomington
-Case Western
-UIC (obviously :joy:)
Was going to apply to more but ended up not. Really hoping to get good aid cause we need it :grimacing:

Oh I applied to wash u , Vanderbilt, Unc and yeah obviously uic too

I surprisingly got into UNc’s honor college :sweat_smile: