UIC GPPA - Entering Fall 2019

I opened this thread for people to start discussing any statistics, interviews, or other steps in the process to be admitted to the UIC GPPA program. As a reminder, there are 5 steps to my understanding, correct me if I am wrong: [steps 2 & 3 are required for the more competitive GPPA programs but not all. see the GPPA website]

  1. being admitted to UIC (Since GPPA deadline was November 1st and UIC does rolling, everyone should know by now)
  2. receiving Honors College interview (Again, everyone should know by now)
  3. being accepted to honors college (2 weeks after Honors College interview date)
  4. receiving GPPA interview (Different for programs)
  5. being accepted to GPPA (Everyone should know by 3/15 or earlier)


TIMELINE/FACTS: (will update as more people comment)

  • The first honors college interview day was November 17th, and decisions for that are supposed to be coming by the end of this week. The second interview date is this Friday.
  • According to the GPPA website, Medicine/Dentistry hold interviews from December - February.
  • Dentistry sent out interview invitations. I know a few people who have received one.

QUESTIONS FOR PROSPECTIVE/CURRENT/FORMER GPPA STUDENTS: (will update as more people ask questions in comments)
Have people received interview invitations to any GPPA programs?
To current/former students- what kind of questions do Medicine and Dentistry ask?

ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS: (will update and credit answerers as people comment)

Did decisions for UIC Honors college officially come out?

for the November 17th interviews

for the November 17th interviews

They said 2 to 3 weeks, 3 weeks was yesterday, so no :confused:


Do you think the first interview decisions will be out by the time break comes?

First interview decisions are out!

Yup, you make it in?

yeah! how about you (if you applied)

yuhhh just wondering, what group were u in for the tour xD curious if we were in the same group

i think yellow? lol

Anyone got any interview or any update from UIC-GPPA Program???

what program?

@forkenclarp from UIC-GPPA for interviews.

Ik but which one like Med? Dental? Pharm?

Med program…

I have not heard of any so far.

Got an email that UIC-GPPA Med interview notification emails will be sent Jan 15-Feb 15th…

@sajju786 - Did they reply to your email about your UIC-GPPA interview notification enquiry?