UIC is listing me as a transfer applicant even though I never attended college

So I’m a gap year student who took community college math course that was administered at my high school, by my high school, during high school.

However, when I was applying to UIC, they requested that I have the local college send my transcript. I found it weird as they were the only college to request such a thing out of the 15 schools I applied to.

Then I checked my application portal and it says I’m being classified as a “Transfer Freshman”.

I called up admissions and after being redirected to three different officers, I got the response of “You’re being classified as a transfer freshman because you atteneded your local community college for one year”…

I literally dont understand what they dont understand. I literally took one college class that was administered by my high school while I still hadnt even graduated high school. All my other peers who took it with me werent considered Transfer applicants when they applied to college.

Does anyone know how this will affect my app and potential aid? I already know I find out a month later than RD applicants now

Here is how UIC defines a freshman applicant (https://catalog.uic.edu/ucat/admissions-registration-finances/admissions/#b3)

It does appear you technically don’t fit into either category, which would make you a transfer student. I agree though that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I might try to call someone else in admissions, maybe even your regional rep if you know who that is. Can you talk with your former high school GC as well…they might know the deal, especially if other kids from your school regularly apply to UIC. Good luck.

So just an update : I got an email from the director of engineering admissions this morning that said I’d been put on the waitlist because I hadn’t taken a college engineering calculus course.

I don’t know how they’d expect me to take a college engineering calculus course when I’d never been enrolled in college. Do you think it’s worth replying to the email and trying to explain my situation or should I just have my application withdrawn. I’m getting pretty tired of dealing with this school.

Response withdrawn as thread is now old