UIC vs Western Illinois University pre-med which one to choose

My daughter for admitted in both colleges in Pre-Med, would like to seek some help to choose between UIC vs WIU. Much Appreciated

Honestly, it won’t make much difference. She’ll have similar opportunities at both. Macomb and Chicago are VERY different cities. I’d base it on which experience she finds more attractive. Congrats to her.


I agree the settings of these two schools could not be more different. Did your D receive honors college placement at either school? How do the costs compare, and is that a factor?

WIU went thru a pretty dramatic downsizing a few years ago, and is having challenges meeting enrollment targets. Undergrads are around 5,500 or so.

UIC is growing in terms of student numbers with about 22,000 undergrads, and adding buildings through increased state funding.

Additionally, it may be easier for your student to get patient facing volunteer/work opportunities, as well as research experience at UIC. If not easier, there would certainly be more choice in those activities in downtown Chicago compared to Macomb.


Thank you for your response, She did receive Honors confirmation from WIU and waiting to hear from UIC.

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I will break this tie from a local person… I believe @Mwfan1921 is also… Go to UIC. The funding at Western Illinois and downsizing to me is troubling. UIC is in the heart of some great hospitals. I would imagine their opportunities would be greater and yes they are expanding and growing. Of course if cost is a non factor…