UIUC Chances

<p>I will be applying before the end of this month to beat the priority deadline, and i was wanting to see what my chances are at this school.</p>

<p>School Applying to: LAS (Undecided)</p>

<p>White/Male 17
Illinois resident
ACT: 29E,27M,25R,20S(Science Kills) = 25.25
GPA: 3.733
Class Rank:86-87 percentile
AP's: US History, World History, Calculus
About as tough of schedule as I can do.
EC's: NHS, of course, Spanish Honor, Scholar Bowl, Math Club, Math Team. sec. of fbla, just to name a few.
Good Personal/Profession Statements.</p>

<p>Thanks, </p>


<p>your pretty much in</p>