UIUC class of 2025 waitlist discussion

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Anyone received any waitlist decisions from UIUC yet?

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not yet, hopefully soon

Has everyone been getting those emails asking you to confirm your interest in the waitlist? I’ve only ever gotten them from uiuc so I didn’t know if it was common.

the fact that this thread is dead makes me optimistic that UIUC waitlisted super few people so we have a pretty good shot


Now that we’re past May 1, does anyone know when waitlisted kids will start hearing from UIUC? My son is waiting to hear back from Geis. Yes, I realize it could take until the end of June, but I’m wondering if it’s more typical to hear something in May. Thanks.

Same situation here. My son commitment to UMich Engineering and still interested in UIUC CS.

I was told that it is very difficult to get in from waitlist for CS. I am not sure about other programs.

Yes, those emails are sent to all students in waitlist

Yes hopefully there is some movement on the waitlist and positive news :slight_smile:

When do you guys think the decision would be out? When have they been out in previous years?

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Past years seem to be around June (based on older UIUC waitlist forums)

Haha, seeing only a few people on this thread make me feel good about my chance of getting in. Really hoping I get off the waitlist since this is my dream school.

Yes good luck to all! What major are you waitlisted for?

Computer engineering!

Has anyone been picked off from Waitlist?

anyone know when exactly decisions come out?

Any movement yet on Gies School wait list?

june 30th for everyone im sure

any word on decisions for anyone?!

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Not seeing anything. However, my kid may have missed responding to emails asking if he wanted to stay on the list. Not sure. But no update yet in the portal.