UIUC college of Law questions..

<p>If I want to major in law at UIUC </p>

<p>what college should I apply?? (as a undergraduate..)</p>

<p>I was looking for pre-law or college of law on the UIUC web site..</p>

<p>I could not find the college that offers pre-law..</p>

<p>so I'm a confused...</p>

<p>can someone help me??</p>

<p>and how good is UIUC law school??</p>

<li> UIUC don't have pre-law.</li>
<li> UIUC law school is top 25 in the nation.</li>

<p>Law school is what you do after college. It is a three year graduate school. As far as what to major in college, it really does not matter-- law schools take applicants from essentially all majors. Far more important is having very high college GPA and very high LSAT score when you go to apply to law school.</p>

<p>Going to UIUC undergrad creates no advantage to getting into UIUC's law school. They don't favor UIUC applicants over others.</p>

<p>Pre-law is not a college major. It is an advisory program at the college level for those interested in going on to law school. You get access to a lot of law school information, to talk to advisors who will make suggestions for courses, let you know your chances, suggest law schools to apply to. UIUC does have that and it is available regardless of college and major. However, being "pre-law" does not create any advantage to being admitted to law school.</p>

<p>choosing your major also depends on what type of law you want to go into. patent law? tort? criminal?
quite a few students who want to go into law or either english, econ, business admin., or poly sci. majors.</p>

<p>Illinois' professional law school program is 25th in the nation. However, that's a grad school.</p>

<p>If you want to do law as an undergrad at Illinois, you have to do pre-law. However, I think that it would be a better idea to do either poli-sci or business.</p>

<p>If you want to go to law school, it does not matter what your major is, as long as you get a good GPA. The only exception might be if you want to get into patent law, then you would need a technical degree such as engineering.</p>

<p>pre-law is not a major, it's an advising program, as someone else stated above. So you would major in something like political science or history or whatever.</p>