UIUC Engineering Chances

Hey everyone, I’m going to be a senior in high school and am considering applying to UIUC’s engineering program but I know it’s pretty competitive. Just wondering what you all think of my chances of getting accepted and if accepted, chances of receiving any merit based scholarships.

-White Female
-Illinois Resident
-GPA: 4.375
-ACT: E:34 M:32 R:25 S:30 C:30
-AP classes: AP Biology (score-4), AP English Language (score-4), and taking AP Literature this school year. (I know not many AP classes but my school only offers 5 total. I have taken other honors classes and skipped two years worth of math classes)
-A local community college has an engineering program for high school seniors to take (which I am taking) that consists of Calc I, II, and III and Physics I and II so I will have those completed by the time I graduate.
-School doesn’t have class rank but I know I’m in the top 5%

Here are some extra curriculars
-Student council member 4yrs
-International Club 3yrs
-Varsity Cross Country 3yrs
-Vice President of National Honors Society
-Part time job since Soph year
-Church youth group with lots of volunteer/mission work
-Academic Team 3yrs
-United Way Youth Board 4yrs
-Math Team 4yrs
-Prom Committee Junior year
-Marching and Pep band 1yr

I guess I’ve seen more on the requirements for acceptance than info about who receives the merit based scholarships but I’d still like feedback for both. Thanks