UIUC Engineering program?

Hello, i’m a junior hoping to get into UIUC (university of Illinois urban champagne) Engineering Program. It’s just that i just found out that the acceptance rate for different programs are different (for example, it’s hard to get into engineering program in UIUC than to get into social science program in UIUC). I would like to know if this is true and if it is true, i would like to know how hard it is to get into UIUC engineering program. (i would also want to know the average unweighted & weighted GPA and SAT & ACT score for the freshman who got accepted to UIUC engineering program)

It is harder to get into the UIUC engineering program, but not too challenging. If you want to do engineering, apply engineering.

Do you know how high my ACT should be to have a pretty good chance to get accepted?

It’s harder to transfer in, so apply for engineering directly.

Take a look at the results thread for UIUC from previous years.

Click here. Scroll down to the bottom to see college selectivity ranges for the middle 50% of Freshman admitted to the various colleges.


@IMBZcandle Hi , I just got accepted at UIUC in aerospace engineering as an international. I have a 2020 SAT (740 Math, 640 CR). So this give you an idea (though i had good EC’s for aerospace program, so it helped i think)
If you want more details you can check my thread, or ask me :slight_smile: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/what-my-chances/1722489-chance-international-student-for-aero-engineering-umich-purdue-ucs-etc-p1.html

Engineering is considered the best college at UIUC, and it’s more selective than average, though not terribly so.
Do well in school. ACT middle 50 is 31/34, IIRC. Use the essays to shine. They are only 300 words, but show not simply why you are interested in your major and life, but how you are passionate about it and will use the UIUC education to make a difference.

Except CS in Engineering, which is much harder to get in to than anything else.

It’s “Urbana-Champaign,” not “urban champagne.” :wink:

My suggestion: show your interest and visit the campus! Be sure to talk with someone from the College of Engineering. http://engineering.illinois.edu/admissions/visit-campus/index.html

And prepare for the visit. Read the website! Don’t ask questions that can be easily answered if you had done your homework. They aren’t going to tell you “get this GPA and this ACT score and your in”. Think of questions pertaining to the major/majors you are interested in. Good luck!! :slight_smile: UIUC is a fantastic school!

“you’re”, not your. :wink:

I did some research and it says that i should get around 1400 sat score excluding the writing score to get into engineering program in UIUC. Does this mean that UIUC don’t even consider the writing sat score when they look up our profile?

@IMBZcandle. Very likely. Most schools don’t.