UIUC Fall 2021 Transfer

I don’t think there’s a transfer thread yet. Post your stats, results, etc,.

In-state applicant
Major: Computer Engineering
Credits: 62
School: UIC
GPA: 3.84
Courses: All required courses, but missing 1 recommended course (Data Structures)
2 part-time jobs (worked 1 at a time, at different times)
Member of IEEE
Research internship over the summer
Application Completed on Jan. 19th

Sophomore Transfer
Major: Finance
High School GPA: 3.46
8 APs
Sat: 1370
Screwed up early in high school due to circumstances
NHS, Varsity Baseball all 4 years, AP Scholar

School: DePaul
College GPA: 4.0
In honors college at current institution
Taking all required courses
ECs:Investment group, Part time job, Baseball Coach

Certified For financial modeling and Bloomberg market concepts

Application completed Jan 26

What are my chances looking like?

In-state applicant
Junior Transfer
Major: Finance
School: UIC

Credits: 53 graded, 69 by the end of spring term
GPA: 3.92

Required Courses: all but 1 completed, 4.0 GPA for required courses. last one is in progress

Deans List / Honors College / Beta Gamma Sigma / Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy

30 Hour / week job at restaurant (been there for over 3 years)
Math tutor freshman year of college
Boys Bowling volunteer/coach freshman year of college

Essay: 7-8/10 IMO

Application completed Jan 27

Great Stats @TransferNA
How many graded credit hours do you have at the moment? You may have a good chance if you have completed some of those required courses.

I think you have a great chance, but I heard CoB was a shot in the dark. How confident are you with your essay?

I am confident in my essay. I would probably rate it an 8-9/10

I have 16 hours at college. I completed 3 of the required courses already and will have all them done by the end of spring. I also got A’s in micro and macro in high school but only got a 3 on the exam :frowning:

I don’t think your AP scores will negatively affect your admission chances, but I heard rumors that Sophomore transfers are accepted mostly on a space available basis (like many other transfer programs). This is especially true for business applicants since they give the most priority to their own students because they can’t apply to transfer into the CoB again after they finish their first year.

That’s not what I wanted to hear hahah. Not gonna assume anything. Hoping both of us get in!

I’m sorry… but I still think you have a good shot! All things considered, of course.

Accepted to Gies College of Business! I wasn’t expecting such a quick response! Application completed 1/27 / Accepted 2/11

Congrats! How did you find out your decision? Did they send you an email or was the decision available in your portal?

Thanks @cheesecake1165! I actually haven’t gotten an email yet but the portal updated this morning.

Congrats! That was a really quick response. I’ve been looking at other threads and since you have a really high GPA and lots of high quality EC’s they tend to accept them quicker.

Got an acceptance today for advertising in the college of media as a sophomore standing! Application completed 1/7 accepted 2/16!

Congrats! What were your stats and ec’s?

I am an instate transfer applying from community college!
Here are my stats:
Graded Credit Hours: 24; 36 after this semester
College GPA: 3.56
HS GPA: unweighted 3.0
Weighted 3.4
Did not submit test scores.

  • 7 AP classes
  • Summer Internship
  • Honors Program in college
  • Phi Theta Kappa MHS
  • Election Judge for Cook County
    I also submitted the extenuating circumstances essay about family issues I endured during high school. Advertising was my first choice major I did no select a second!

Junior Transfer
Major: Marketing
School: In-state Community College

Credits: 57 graded, 74 by the end of spring term
GPA: 3.75

Required Courses: all have been completed or will be by the end of this semester. 4.0 GPA for required courses.

Honors College

President of entrepreneurship club, tennis team co-captain, published student research paper, part-time job (1 during school year, 1 outside of school year) writing tutor, MS Society volunteer, Job Shadow Program with F500 company, some other small club participation

Essay: 9/10 I’d say, worked on it pretty extensively. I sent in the extenuating circumstances essay as well about a myriad of issues I experienced recently

Application completed for priority deadline, I did not send my test scores.

Good luck to everyone applying and congratulations to those who have been accepted!

I just found out I just got in as a sophomore transfer!