UIUC Fall 2021 Transfer

Was accepted to CS in Grainger yesterday! acceptances are still coming y’all :slight_smile:

does anyone know if there’s any groupchat for incoming transfers?

Congrats so jelly!! I’m still waiting on mine… I’m not sure if there’s any group chat. Maybe try asking on reddit? There might be more people there but I’m not sure.

Is anybody else still waiting? I’m getting really impatient here. I’m guessing that mine is coming out in April.

I am! From what I’ve gathered from talking to my Adcom, my app will be reviewed within the coming days. I believe the reason for my hold up was what I described above combined with Gies being a competitive school to apply to. They were understanding of the situation since they knew that I wasn’t at fault for it, so they are going to review my app like they would any other thankfully. Keep me updated on your own situation :+1:

That’s a great news!! I feel great that I’m going through this process knowing that UIUC admission office is really considerate towards students. I have nothing new. I’m in the west side of the country so my school uses quarter-system. I gave them an update on my spring quarter grades. Maybe that might be cause of the delay? I don’t know but I’ll try to be patient as much as possible and let them do their jobs… Although all my dreams I get at night is all about decisions lol

*Winter, not spring grades.

Please try to claim your UID via this website by using the UID shows on your admission portal. If you can create a new account, you are admitted.


That’s really cool! It didn’t work for me so I guess it means either my decisions are far far away from being released or I’m rejected. I hope it’s the former although either would make me frustrated ;-;

I was accepted for Materials Science and Engineering! Applied Feb 23rd and accepted Apr 5th! I got my result around 11-ish (in Illinois time) like I saw in Reddit. Hope the best for students who are waiting for the results!

Same, got accepted for Marketing today!

CONGRATS!!! So happy for you!

I got rejected from Engineering this morning, since UIUC doesn’t think my General Chem I course is transferrable. Thus, they believe I didn’t fulfill their junior transfer requirements😂

One hour later, I got in UMich😂

It is UIUC’s loss😂

Best wish to everyone, good luck.

That sucks but you got in to UMich! UMich is good too!! Congrats!!! UIUC gonna regret losing you.

made a discord since i can’t find any others.

Hey I applied to ACES and I got deferred for this Fall I was wondering if any of you guys are going through the same thing or have any information about the chances of getting in after being deferred.

I just got an application update. I have been accepted into Political Science at UIUC!