UIUC Fall Transfer 2020

Hi everyone, I applied in early action for transfer in CS & Engineering, but my status still shows “Complete.” Is anyone facing the same status?

Yes same

Do you have any idea when they will release their decisions?


Let me know when you will get any response.


@Vrajpatel77 you said you applied early decision, what date was that? Oh, and congratulations!


Mechanical Engineering
3.88 GPA
2.9 HS GPA
40 units completed

When did you receive the decision? Is it from portal or email? thank!!!

Congratulation @Vrajpatel77, when did you apply and if you don’t mind can you please share your status like GPA, EA, etc? Thanks!

They requested syllabi from my son, ChemE major. Anyone else get this request?

I got that form couple weeks ago.

I got admitted to UIUC as a CS+Ling major on 02/29/2020.
Here’s my stat:

Applied: 01/26/2020
Asian (international)
50 sem hours (another 14 in progress) from community college in the South (OOS apparently)
4.0 GPA
32 sem hours from university overseas
2.25 GPA
Just a few extracurriculars such as 3 part-time jobs and a typical dean’s list honoree

How long does it usually take to hear back? My app was finalized on 3/1 (a little late). UIUC then asked me for my syllabi on 3/3 and i havent heard anything since…

For reference I applied to transfer from UIC as a molecular biology major to UIUC for an integrative biology major with a 3.67 gpa and 59 credits to review (taking 15 now so I would hopefully be matriculating with 75 credits)

My friend applied the day before me and heard back the very next week so im getting a little nervous…

I was deferred. My portal says they are requesting my finalized spring transcript. Does anyone know if many people get accepted after being deferred or is deferral a dead end. I applied as a physics major from a well ranked private school and am out of state. Thanks!

When did you apply out of curiosity?

My son was accepted today for Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He applied (around) March 1st, and sent in requested syllabi March 15th. From OOS Community College. We’re stoked! Now just need to see what financial aid looks like.

@swimgirl838 Deferred too! My portal says they are waiting for my final spring 2020 grades.

I got accepted to LAS on 16/4 or 15/4!

I had a 3.74 GPA