UIUC schedule

I’ve been looking into classes to take for the first semester. I tested into math 220 which is five credits, but it’s twice a week and a 50 min class (can also be three days a week). I plan on taking other classes that are three credit hours and another that is four. So I would take four classes and get fifteen credits. However, I’m confused that (besides math) the classes are one day a week. They last only two or one hours. Am I missing something? Does this mean I’ll be doing a lot of assignments outside of the scheduled class time? Note: they are in person classes.

Are you sure you scheduled Fall 2021 classes?
Most classes meet MWF, MW, or TTH. Some would meet once and have a lab or discussion/recitation attached, that you must also choose.
Some classes may meet for 3 hours , especially in the evening and cinema classes, But they would be the exception, not the rule.

I pm’ed u to show u the classes I’m interested in and their times

In college, yes, expect to spend (several times) more hours outside of class on any class than in the classroom (working on assignments, projects, or studying). There are some CS classes that may meet only 2-3 hours a week that require 20-30 hours of work (though that is on the extreme end).

BTW, Math 220 seems to be 3 hours of lecture and 2 hours of discussion section each week. You have to register for both.