UIUC Transfer Acceptance Rate?

<p>I can't find it anywhere. I googled it, and I got a list of the most prestigious schools: </p>

<p>Harvard University: 1.0% (15/1448)
University of Chicago: 2.1% (21/990) (of those 16 enrolled, 76% yield)
Stanford University: 2.2% (33/1500)
Yale University: 2.7% (29/1072)
Duke University: 2.8% (26/920)
Dartmouth College: 3.3% (28/861)
Columbia University: 5.6% (149/2660)
California Institute of Technology: 6% (9/150)
Washington University in St. Louis: 7.3% (105/1435)
Northwestern University: 8.6% (130/1521)
University of Pennsylvania: 9.7% (203/2099)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 9.9% (44/443)
Georgetown: 11.1% (222/1986)
Brown University: 11.2% (214/1904)
Johns Hopkins University: 11.4% (116/1018)
Carnegie Mellon University: 12%
Rice University: 20%
Cornell University: 21% (Skewed due to guaranteed transfers)
University of California - Berkeley: 22%
University of Southern California: 25%
University of California - Los Angeles: 26%
Wake Forest University: 26%
Emory University: 28%
Vanderbilt University: 31%
University of Virginia: 35%
University of Notre Dame: 40%</p>

<p>If anybody can tell me the TAR, I'll really appreciate it. I plan on transferring into the College of Business if the data is separated by the college within the university.</p>

<p>According to CollegeBoard, the acceptance rate is 49%. Don’t know how up-to-date the data is, though.
<a href=“BigFuture College Search”>BigFuture College Search; (Click on the ‘For Transfer Students’ tab on the left)</p>

<p>For last school year (2012-2013), it was about 45% but it varies among the colleges, e.g., engineering was 35%, LAS was 60%, and business was only 13%.</p>

<p>Hey, sorry for the late response, but where did you find these numbers? Thanks!</p>