UIUC, UMich, and Purdue engineering qualifications

Finished with Junior year, heading into senior.

GPA: W:4.52 UW:3.95

ACT:31, superscore:32

Courseload: All AP/Honors classes. Taking an additional math class over the summer to get ahead.My high school is known as one of the most rigorous in the nation.

EC’s: Auto Mechanics Club(President, Founder). Was on Model UN, and debate. 150+ service hours. Member of the Astronautics club. Current app developer(trying to make a new grading system for my high school). I had an internship for a political candidate. Golf caddie for a job. Possibly joining the computer science club next year.

Specifics for how I am applying.

UIUC: In state applicant. Both of my sisters attended UIUC (not engineering) so maybe this is some type of legacy. Applying directly into the college of engineering.

UMich: Out of state applicant with no legacy. Applying to the computer science program that is part of their college of liberal arts(LSA), not applying CoE, as this would significantly boost my chances of getting in.

Purdue: Out of state applicant with no legacy. Applying directly to the college of engineering.

Sorry for any typos, and thank you for your input!

I am assuming you did well on the ACT math (33+) and in AP Calculus BC and AP Physics C (As and 5s). If that is the case, Purdue is a safety, UIUC is a target since you are in-state and Michigan is a reach, regardless, since you are OOS. Also, while LSA is indeed slightly less selective than the CoE, the difference is not as pronounced as you would think. Applying the LSA does not boost your chances of getting in “significantly”, only marginally.

I’m taking calc Bc and physics c my senior year. Shall this make a difference?

I wouldn’t consider Purdue a safety. A good match, yes, a good value as an OOS school for engineering, yes. Purdue overenrolled this past year by 500 students. Which could affect their decisions next year. A true academic safety would be along the lines of the University of Cincinnati or the University of Louisville.

“I’m taking calc Bc and physics c my senior year. Shall this make a difference?”

No. As long as you are taking them means you are a high achieving student.

Agreed with post #3. Purdue is not a safety but probably a match… The engineering college stats are significantly higher than the rest of the university. Average ACT for engineering was a 32 this cycle. You can look at the Purdue office of future engineers site for more info.

You’ll most likely get into Perdue. Not guaranteed at all but likely. That’s the definition of a match

what major are you aiming for? UIUC admits by major and not by college. If you’re doing CS it’s a crapshoot considering the low acceptance rate.

Do Purdue and Mich also admit by major or do they admit by college?

Purdue and Michigan admit by college but they do ask your intended major. Not sure about Michigan, but Purdue is a general first year engineering curriculum and then you transition to your major.

You are a competitive applicant. Your stats and ECs are good. Write great essays and you could get accepted to any of these schools

Purdue admits by division for engineering and then has a weed out (by GPA) process to get into your major. CS is separate, though, so you have to apply specifically for that major (and it has its own admission process if you enroll there not in the major).

Michigan admits by division. CS can be done in either engineering (2.0 GPA needed in prerequisites) or LSA (2.5 GPA needed in prerequisites).

The max amount you can take out in federal student loans is $27k. The rest of the out of state tuition has to be paid for by parents or co-signed in the form of massive loans. It’s not worth it. UIUC is a top notch engineering program with a high job placement.

I recently got my ACT back and now have a 34 superscore. Would this boost my chances?