uiuc v.s. claremont mckenna HEEELP

<p>claremont v.s. UIUC.. PLEASE HELP!!!!! </p>

<p>I am a korean student living in the philippines and got accepted to claremont mckenna and university of illinois - Urbana champaign. though for sure cmc is a much highly ranked school in terms of education and selectivity, i do not know if it will suit my needs. </p>

<p>i am a very interested only in business studies, which claremont mckenna does not seem to have. Everyone considers claremont's small size to be a huge plus factor, but going in with a freshmen class of only perhaps 200 or so people would just be like high school all over again and i don't know if that will broaden my horizons. also, claremont mckenna is notorious for its WASPyness (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) and though i am a practicing protestant, as well as very sociable, i dont think i'll fit in.</p>

<p>uiuc on the other hand... has exactly the opposite of which i mentioned on top. and though i want an excellet education, i know that im gonna party freakin' hard in college, which UIUC will easily cater to</p>

<p>overall, i want my college experience to be one of lots of fun as well as a recieve a good education, and i feel that claremont will provide me ONLY with the latter.</p>

<p>Please, please help me in making my decision about where i should go.. almost every person i know is telling me to go to claremont.. but i knwo that in my heart, i wanna be an illini... is claremont really that good that i should betray myself?</p>

<p>I say ILL-INI. but that's me.</p>