UIUC vs. Purdue vs. Texas vs. Georgia Tech

<p>I am interested in engineering but don't know what field yet. I am applying to the above named schools. I have already been accepted by Purdue and submitted my applications to Texas & UIUC. I need advice on pros & cons of each school and what they offer in terms of engineering.</p>

<p>purdue: pros: first-year program that will help you figure out what you want to do, lots of clubs and activities you can get involved with, good engineering school, but everything else is mediocre so you're not going be with a bunch of smart people all the time (i guess that might be a con for some people), and i hear faculty is good, and although it is a big place, you can get help when you need it. nice campus, lots of things are related to engineering. </p>

<p>cons: huge school, so sometimes you may feel a bit insignificant, horrible surrounding town, student population is pretty white conservative, which i'm not fond of, but others might be fine with it. </p>

<p>uiuc: pros: excellent engineering for basically... everything. pretty easy to transfer within college of engineering, though may be hard to switch into civil and other competitive areas, surrounding town isn't horrible like purdue though not great, lots of clubs and such available.</p>

<p>cons: i hear some of the professors aren't exactly great, impossible to get into biomed unless you're a genious, hard to tranfer into certain areas of engineering, as i said before, and i visited both uiuc and purdue, and personally, the campus is nice, but the feeling i got in general from everything wasn't great, i just felt really out of place. but that's just me. </p>

<p>texas: don't know much about texas. i dropped it from my list early in my college search because of location.</p>

<p>georgia tech: dropped it for the same reason as texas. but some guy on CC told me that gatech's social scene kinda sucks.</p>

<p>Georgia tech has a bad social scene. It's in a rough part of Atlanta, too. But it is urban if you are into that.</p>

<p>bump...need more advice</p>

<p>Re: Ga Tech social....have a few friends who are grads and they found it OK. They were involved in Greek life. Also if you enjoy big time sports like football, basketball and baseball it is readily available and draws good crowds. Engineering academics are strong and not easy.</p>