So the two main colleges that i’m really considering right now are UIUC and UMN. So please help me decide between the two COA is not a factor unless that’s the only thing that’s left to decide on.
Pros: great psychology and economics coursework(these are my majors)
Lively campus
Well known in my country(india)…considering this as a pro for getting jobs back here
School Spirit
Cons:College Town

Pros:Honors College
Scholarship(about 8-9k per year)
Reputed for Psychology and Econ
Urban Environment
Cons:Honors College( I will most probably be dropping honors in case i do a double major since for me Double Major>Honors) and dropping honors would mean a lot of the intro classes be taught by TAs(I’ve talked to current students at UMN)
Not well known in India- may have difficulty for getting jobs
Comparatively lesser school spirit.

I’ve seen the campus tours on youtube…since visiting wasn’t possible for me, and personally i found the UIUC campus better than UMN’s one. ( but the videos can tell you only so much).

I personally prefer a city environment to a college town one, but looking at the bigger picture does that matter?(Like how much time does an average student taking 15 credits per semester, being in 3-5 clubs or doing a part time job have to explore the city?).

Also the weather, i’m not sure if i can handle minnesota cold.

If anyone can give their inputs, thank you!

I don’t know much about these schools, but UIUC will also get very cold during the winter.

If you may go back to India then UIUC seems to have a strong advantage in that regard.