I need insights from some people, I’m a Senior and i’d like to know do you have think I have a chance to get into UIUC. I take:

Math Higher Level
Physics Higher Level
Chemistry Higher Level
Economics Higher Level
English Standard
French Standard

My grades are out of 7 since we follow a IB Grading Scale. Math is around 5, Physics 6, Chemistry, 6, Econ, 6, English 5, and French 7 (11th and 10 th grade)

My SAT isn’t really high, it’s a 1600.

I have a lot of extra curricular, here are a few of them:

President of Student Council
Cancer Campaign ( I raised 10,000$)
Created my own Association which helps homeless kids around my city.
Model United Nations
3 Club (Tech Committee, People to People Association etc)
Newspaper Reporter

Volleyball MVP and Captain for 3 years in a row
JV and Varsity Soccer

What are my chances?

My personal essay I feel was pretty strong, let’s just leave it at that, please let me know. Thank you


I’m an IB student as well and got accepted to Purdue and have had some friends applied to UIUC so I think i can help. Looking at your grades and subjects, it seems you’re competitive and would have a high gpa. Ask your school counsellor to convert your grades to gpa in the transcript! Also a good amount of ECs which doesn’t surprise me because of the CAS activities in IB right? :smiley: However, your SAT Score is a concern, so is there anyways to retake it and get at least 1800? Or alternatively take ACT because I think you at least need to be in the 25th percentile of the sat scores which would get supported by your high gpa! Good Luck!

P.S. You’re a brave man for taking 4HLs including Chem,Phy,Math hahaha