UK universities...advice please.

<p>I made the same post in the admisisons section, but decided to post it here, since im sure parents have better knowledge of this. Well, as you've probably read in some of my other posts, i am not satisfied with my college options in the US, and my parents ar epushing me to apply to england, i was gonna apply through UCAS to LSE, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Nottingham, Liverpool uni, and maybe manchester or Kings college or Queens . Anyway...with the space limitations of my late application, Im not an IB Diploma candidate, but i am going for 5 certificates. My GPA is a 3.1, because of my weak grades the first 2 years of high school, but i have performed well with the IB classes i took. With that info, do you guys know how i might do at those universities? And how do i send my transcripts, mid year report etc, do i send it directly to those universities? how does it confused.</p>

<p>Post this on the International forum. It has been posted before, in fact.</p>

<li><p>The tuition is hefty for internationals--even British subjects who have lived out of the country for a few years. $35k- $40k per year for three years.</p></li>
<li><p>There is a central application agency for all but Oxbridge. That web address is on the International Forum--under the thread about UK universities.</p></li>
<li><p>UK students typically study a single subject in university. do you have a single subject in mind? That might influence your choice.</p></li>
<li><p>Do not overlook Australian Univeristies (WAY better weather, less $$)</p></li>

<p>thanks. and yea i am interested in a single subject..however im not yet sure which one, is it possible to transfer between majors. My parents wont let me apply to australian universities due to distance.</p>

<p>It is hard to change majors because the UK students, at high school, study less subjects with more depth so if you were a science student wanting to do one of the Natural Sciences your high school subjects will be mostly sciency. Thus if you wanted to change and do Classics for instance, you will be very behind the Classics students who did Classics since high school days. </p>

<p>Try out <a href=""&gt;;/a> it's a UK version of CC.</p>

<p>Mad. A samll clarification on the generalization of "US" schools:</p>

<p>Having had boys in top prep schools in the US and UK-based schools, I can say that top US prep schools do offer subjects in depth, every bit as much depth as the UK based system. Oftentimes, the prep school will use college textbooks for science and maths. </p>

<p>Also, the literature selection at top prep schools is equal to many college selections. In fact, many of those top prep schools offer the equivalent of a US LAC education--to offset the increasing professionalism at US undergraduate programs.</p>

<p>That said, some programs are NOT offered; ie Economics, Accounting.</p>

<p>So for a subject like economics or law, i wouldnt be so behind if i switch in between those, since Law for example isnt offered during pre-university period.? anyone know how i would do in the uk admissions process?</p>

<p>Sorry didn't mean to offend. I admit it was a generalization. My high school was more UK-based than US (NZ), and I never went to a US high school, so can't really judge which ones offer better depth. But at least at my high school (public school), the normal curriculum seemed to be enough to cover the stuff needed to do the AP tests. (Because in the US, AP is considered to be extension of normal classes, right?)</p>

<p>Hmm. Maybe I'm not fit to judge either UK or US high schools - I just assumed that UK system = NZ system, because the NZ system is based on the UK system. But then UK is big (like the US), and the quality of education may vary from top prep school to normal public school. It seems like education in NZ is much less money-intensive, and still very good.</p>

<p>Go New Zealand! And Cheers don't be angry ;(</p>

<p>the "UK universities won't let you change majors" thing can be a very big issue for students who aren't sure about what they want to study. also, from what I was told (when I was applying to oxford), it's also very difficult to even take classes outside your major.</p>

<p>... these were the two main reasons I turned down Oxford (that, and it's just a that much farther away from CA than the US east coast is...) - i realized in april during my senior year that i wouldn't be happy committing to study physics and nothing but physics for three years (and now I'm off happily studying chem & taking lots of amazing history courses on the side at a US university :-P).</p>

<p>so, ilovehomework ~ if you're going to apply to a UK university (especially since many/all(?) of them make you apply in a specific subject), be very very sure that that's what you want to study...</p>

<p>Not angry, not offended. :)</p>

<p>Not after 25 years in the construction industry.</p>

<p>from your conversation i learned something pretty important, im pretty sure i want to study Law, howeverr im not 100% sure. The one thing im not sure of is wether i can expect any offers, anyone know how i can expect to do in the admissions process? is it easier of harder for intl to gain admission?</p>

<p>I'm not sure about those schools you listed, but for Oxbridge interview counts a lot. I flew all the way to Cambridge from NZ, and imagine the horror of them turning me down... And I really loved Jesus College too! (Turns out Cambridge is the only university that's rejected me. Makes me bitter every time I think about it.) </p>

<p>For UK universities I think you need to say in your personal statement why you want to do that subject. I rambled on about my personal history, and only at the interview mentioned working at Cambridge Stem Cell Institute - lack of motivation, commitment, or they just didn't like me. And I thought I had better chance of getting in because I was an international.</p>

<p>The acceptance rate depends on what subject you want to take. Like for medicine it's crazy competitive, and same goes for Law. For Classics they say it's a lot easier to get in.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>ahhh thank you. im not sure what to do, because im worried wether i have a shot with such a competative major, i do have the prequesite though ( IB English 2 HL) but im not sure what else i have going for me. and lastly, whats easier to get into Queen mary or Kings college?</p>