UK universities... i need advice

<p>Well, as you've probably read in some of my other posts, i am not satisfied with my college options in the US, and my parents ar epushing me to apply to england, i was gonna apply through UCAS to LSE, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Nottingham, Liverpool uni, and maybe manchester or Kings college or Queens . Anyway...with the space limitations of my late application, Im not an IB Diploma candidate, but i am going for 5 certificates. My GPA is a 3.1, because of my weak grades the first 2 years of high school, but i have performed well with the IB classes i took. With that info, do you guys know how i might do at those universities? And how do i send my transcripts, mid year report etc, do i send it directly to those universities? how does it confused.</p>

<p>the only one i know of is LSE, and personally, i don't think you have of much of a chance at getting in unless you practically ace all of your IB tests, but it'd still be a reach. the universities in the UK only look at your grades and your test scores, so you may have trouble getting in at the top universities such as LSE and maybe Edinburgh.</p>

<p>my grades were good with IB. i'll discuss lack of maturity in my 9th and 10th etc. I dont think i can meet LSE offers as well, they want perfect/close to perfect scores...theyre crazy.</p>

<p>admissions at LSE is crazy. For most of the majors/concentrations, the acceptance rate is between 10-30%.</p>

<p>yea man...Seems like it.</p>