UK Universities

<p>I am a junior in high school in America and want to go to university in the UK. I know that you need to take several AP exams to get in as an equivalent to the A levels but I am not taking any this year but am taking 3 next year. So my question is whether or not I have to have taken the AP exams when I apply or if I can apply while enrolled but not having taken the tests.</p>

<p>Most european offers are conditional, if you have not taken the AP tests then your offer will probably be conditional upon the results of the test. These will come back in july, just two months before college begins…you will have to accept/reject all other schools before you know what your scores are/possibly before you even take the test. The AP tests must also be related to the field of study…they will not care if you got a 5 on every AP history test if you are going into chemistry etc. Universities in Europe can be an amazing opportunity! good luck</p>

<p>There’s a website called “The Student Room” that is the UK equivalent to College Confidential. The kids there are familiar with the UK admissions process, so you may want to check it out for more specific advice…</p>