UM Campus Vibe?

<p>I have heard that in general Miami is full of stuck up, vain people. Is this the case at UM, too? I'm just curious what the atmosphere is like on the UM campus. Any input is appreciated.</p>

<p>This topic has reallllly been discussed to no end on this forum. But, to answer you, while there are those types of people here, you can find every type of person here, and you're almost certain to fit in somewhere.</p>

<p>When I made my UM visit I didn't meet anyone like that.</p>

<p>But just to show I'm not just selling you UM propaganda, I myself am pretty stuck up and vain. Well, maybe not stuck up and vain, but definitely arrogant.</p>

<p>Moral of the story: No its not full, but sure there are some like that (e.g. Me)</p>

<p>Yes, lots of stuck up and vain people. I usually get a bashing for saying so, but it's been our observation/experience for the most part....however, exceptions do apply.</p>

<p>We just checked out the law school at UM and met a number of people.</p>

<p>Are there some stuck up, arrogant folks. Absolutely. In fact, I would think that any expensive private school tends to get more of these types of folks. However, there are also many more nice, down to earth types. We met several people during our visit and found them polite, pleasant, and very down to earth. </p>

<p>You will find all types of people at all colleges. Just seek out the people that you want to relate to, and you will be fine.</p>

<p>None of sons close friends are stuck up and vain.
They are nice, bright students.</p>

<p>You have to find your "group" that you feel comfortable with.</p>

<p>Taxguy summed it up well. Private schools = money, State schools = less so
This is obviously a generalization- I have one at UM and one at a state school. (their choice.)</p>