Um...I was given notice of acceptance on the portal but now it's gone

About 3 hours ago the La Salle portal showed that I was accepted into the school but I just logged on recently and it’s no longer there :confused: was it just a mistake lol

That’s exciting!
The Early Explorer deadline is tomorrow and according the the admissions reps we talked to at the open house, they plan to send their first wave of decisions Thanksgiving weekend or the week following. I’m fairly sure anything earlier than that is an ‘oops’.

BTW, did they notify you that your portal changed? Is the portal different than logging on to your application? The website says that decisions for early explorers will go out mid December, but that’s not what we were told at the open house.

Fingers crossed for you that it works out exactly as you hope it would!

Oh okay, it probably was just a glitch lol. They didn’t notify me, I just have a login that takes me to 'Undergraduate status portal" and shows that I’ve submitted everything. Thank you!