UM, UofO, or UW

<p>Im looking to transfer from my current university to either UM, University of Oregon, or University of Washington. I have been accepted to UM, but still waiting to hear from the other two but will probably get accepted to both. My goal is to somehow end up with a job in the business side of professional sports. If I attend UM, I plan on majoring in business, while minoring in sports administration. If i attend oregon, I plan on majoring in business with a focus on sports business, while hopefully being able to make connections through the Warsaw Sports marketing center. If i attend UW i would get a business degree from an elite business school but no sports related education, and would have to try to get in to the sports field through independently applying for internships and jobs with teams. Any advice or knowledge would be helpful because I am completely lost as to what to do.</p>

<p>Why not spell out UM so people know what school…Montana?? I say go there.</p>

<p>oops. miami</p>