UMAA vs UVa vs CMU

<p>Which school do you think is better for a student studying economics?
I know University of Michigan is prestigious for its graduate business program, but I'm not sure about undergraduate. I think UVA as well is a very good school for econ but I can't see which one (between two) is better. And, I just found that CMU's undergraduate ranking is higher than UMAA and UVA, which means the school is generally very good.</p>

<p>Help me please!!</p>

<p>Hard to go wrong with either CMU or UVA.</p>

<p>relying on rankings is ridiculous. The key to your success is that you enjoy your four years, are surrounded by people that will help you grow and explore life. These are three very different schools in very different environments. Pick the best fit. They prob all use the same textbooks. It doesnt matter where you go of these three, just do well and love your time there.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>i agree with doctor b.</p>

<p>But by rankings, Michigan is in the top 3 (will probably jump to 1 or 2 after the new building is finished next year), UVA is around 5 or 6, and CMU isn't even in the top 10 (I think its around 20 or so).</p>

<p>honestly, apply to them all, because they are all exremely hard to get into</p>

<p>there are a bunch of business rankings putting all 3 schools' business schools in different orders. needless to say you can't go wrong with any of them.</p>

<p>few things you need to think about. are you instate at either michigan or uva? if so, its pretty hard to pass up the instate bargain as none of the schools really provide an advantage in the business area over any of the others.</p>

<p>if not and you just want to apply to all 3, i think you need to go visit them, see if you like all 3 (they're all very different), then see where you get in. unless you're super applicant, you most likely won't get into all 3. once you see where you get into, then your decisions are easier to make.</p>

<p>Oh wait..I thought you Meant U Mass Amherst (I'm not sure why..)</p>

<p>Yeah, either one of the three would do you fine.</p>