UMaine for undergrad?

Hi all,

I am wondering if you would recommend University of Maine (in Orono) for a double-major in both Philosophy and Ecology and Environmental Sciences? My future plans are to eventually attend graduate school, and my dream program is the Forestry and Enviro. Studies/Anthropology Ph.D from Yale, though I will likely work 2-4 years before applying. Does anyone have any insight on how a degree from UMaine would look to the admissions teams of higher-tier universities like the one mentioned?


It’ll be viewed upon as any other non-prestigious university – whether you get in will rest mostly on your GRE scores, GPA, and research experience.

The benefit of UMaine would be that it’s a relatively small school with a lot of opportunities, so if you want research experience, you will be able to get it. I would recommend the Honors College if you can get in.

Another positive aspect of Orono is that it has a flagship matching program. You would pay there what you’d pay at your state flagship (about). In my opinion, you could do good work at Orono because of what was noted earlier by the other person posting: small classes and a decent program. Yes about the honors college, if possible.

Just underlining, grad schools look at GREs, GPA and your research. Doing good research would be key and Orono could offer that because it is a small nurturing program. You would be the big factor in how much you get out of the program. You would be the person who pulls yourself forward. But a program like Orono could give a go-getter room to really grow.