UMass Amherst Class of 2025 Early Action

I know that formal tours are currently suspended due to covid. Does anyone know if we are at least able to drive through campus to get a better feel for the school? We are Massachusetts residents.

I checked with my Daughter who is a Junior at UMass and says driving through campus is no problem. Also there is a central parking garage you could park and walk around campus. It is next to the campus center and hotel.

Perfect! Thank you! I’m hoping that stepping on campus will give my son a better idea of fit. He’s visiting Purdue early next month and I want him to be able to compare the two.

Hey Guys, I’m an international who got waitlisted on Jan 27 for computer science. When can I be expecting a decision?

You’re welcome. Before visiting UMass the school was barely on my Daughters radar.
By the time we left after our visit and tour it became her top choice. She loved the vibe, very energetic like a little city within a beautiful town. She has loved it there since, minus the obvious COVID setbacks. Good luck!


My D21 also got waitlisted for CS. They explain about waitlist on their website - the decision might be sent until May 15. So they suggest to pay a deposit to your 2nd choice if you didn’t get a decision by May 1st :expressionless: They explain more in detail on their site.

My daughter declined her offer. She had a great scholarship. Good luck to all waiting. Hope my Ds withdrawal encourages others to do as well (who know they won’t attend) and helps others get off waitlist.

Good luck everyone. UMASS is a wonderful place. Just a little too far for us in the COVID age.

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I got rejected from Umass Amherst but got an email from Umass Dartmouth like two days later saying they’d been told by amherst that I was a good student and asked me to apply. They gave me a fee waiver too. Is this a good thing?


Yes. I know kids that have done this and gotten in. Apply if you are interested in going to UMass Dartmouth.

Hello – So my family visited Amherst last weekend. We parked in the parking garage near Hotel UMass and walked all over campus and went into the bookstore. We were able to drive pretty much anywhere we wanted – which we did to get an idea of the location of dorms convenient to where my daughter would be taking most of her classes (dance). We could not enter any buildings.

We also drove through the campuses of Smith and Mount Holyoke (the dance department is part of the 5 College dance consortium).

From what I understand the university’s health alert status was lowered yesterday, so perhaps you can do more on campus now than we were able to do.

Thank you SO much. This is really helpful! Looking forward to visiting campus!

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yes. I received an email and I actually submitted my UMass Dartmouth application a few days ago - I will probably go if I hear that I’m accepted. If UMass Amherst is your top choice like it is mine, the UMass Interchange Program is where you are essentially guaranteed or have a much easier chance of transferring to Amherst from another UMass. The requirements are literally having a 2.5 gpa and completing at least 12 credits, but I’m not sure if fall freshman can apply through the interchange for the spring (I’m not positive). They don’t ‘advertise’ the transfer program very much but I think it’s a really important aspect of transferring if you’re still interested in attending.

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I applied like a week ago and have been accepted. Wasn’t expecting to hear back so soon so it was nice!

did you receive a formal acceptance? it was so weird, I had to find out through a spam text send to admitted applicants and when I checked the portal, it only said ‘accepted’ with no other info. They didn’t even give me any financial aid information because with all of my other schools, the scholarships were listed in the formal letter but UM-D said absolutely nothing

For anyone who applied to biotap have you heard back? During the information session session they said it would be about 2 weeks for decisions to be made. Here we are in the middle of week 3 and there doesn’t appear to be any decisions as of yet. Good luck to anyone who did apply.

Anything yet on biotap for your student?

Nothing yet unfortunately. Maybe she’ll hear once others maybe choose to not commit to the program. Still hopeful.

My son was denied at Cornell last night so we have paid our deposit and he is committed to UMass, CHC, and bioTAP now! Hopefully others follow suit this week as I imagine many were waiting for last night…and then you can get a clear answer!

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Commited to UMass @ Isenberg :sunglasses: